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Mike Steinkamp has committed his life to telling people about Jesus. As a professional skateboarder, God has blessed Mike with a unique platform to speak into the lives of those who are resistant to the Gospel. He has also been given a passion for teaching, and has spoken at church services, conferences, camps, and festivals worldwide, encouraging and equipping people with the message of Jesus.

Mike received ministerial training at Trinity Bible College, and started MS Skate Ministry in 2009 when he began traveling and speaking at events. Mike has worked with organizations such as The Billy Graham Association, and The Luis Palau Association; and has shared the stage with artists such as Switchfoot, The Afters, and Andy Mineo. Mike has a unique ability to bring relevant messages to people in all stages of life, and his heart is to encourage people with the love of Jesus, whether it be a large audience or a small group.
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Mike Steinkamp is passionate about coming along side local churches to reach skateboarders with the Gospel. Mike has worked with churches and ministries around the country in setting up and hosting Skate Contests at local skate parks as an outreach event. This is a very fruitful ministry for those churches, because we always share a clear Gospel presentation that relates well with skateboarders at the end of every contest. For more info about booking and setting up a Skate Contest Outreach; email MSSKATEMINISTRY@GMAIL.COM