MS Skate Ministry constantly receives emails and messages from people asking for help and insight on how to reach skateboarders with the Love of Christ. Whether it is a teenage skateboarder or a 40-year-old parent, these people have a burden to reach their skate community and are looking for a way to do so. “Landing Bolts” is a 12-week lesson plan designed specifically for people that feel called to start a skate ministry/Bible study. In skateboarding, “landing bolts” is a term that describes landing a trick the best way possible; our goal with this lesson plan is to provide a resource for leaders to ultimately guide skateboarders into the best possible relationship with Christ.

Each lesson will begin with a devotional video, followed by relevant questions to intentionally spark spiritual discussion amongst the group. The lesson will end with the leader reading and expanding on the closing points and scripture and a time of prayer. Whether it be at your local skate park or in the church parking lot, “Landing Bolts” is a mobile friendly carefully designed resource to help you communicate the truth of the Gospel in any environment. We know that God does not call the equipped but He equips the Called, and our prayer is that “Landing Bolts” can be used to help you in the mission of sharing Jesus with skateboarders!

We believe that God wants to use “Landing Bolts” and the faith of leaders around the world to reach skateboarders with the love of Christ, that’s why we are passionate about giving this resource to you for free! We hope that this is a blessing to many, and if you feel led to financially support this ministry you can do so below.





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lessons1-Eternity copy
lessons2-Searching copy
lessons3-TheMasterieceofCreation copy
lessons4-Enlightened copy
lessons5-Photo copy
lessons6-Focus copy
lessons7-ThePath copy
lessons8-CreatedforChrist copy
lessons9-UncomfortablyConfused copy
lessons10-Commitment copy
lessons11-Whittling copy
lessons12-Outcast copy